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you should message me i could help put some noises behind the game to make it sound a bit better even some voices

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Can't play, just read help and WASD to move camera without players or interaction... win 7, latest chrome. Tried and standalone link.

Scoreboard show server name like null:...address


Sorry, this is fixed now. The server stopped working.

did the servers stopped working? because I'm beign disconnected when i enter the game

Yes, there are some bugs that cause the server to crash.

I'm working on fixing this...

The server should restart automatically eventually if it stops working.

Oh nice, that's a cool idea. There actually is a big zombie enemy, but it doesn't show up until wave 3 or something. But I'll make it knock you back further.

and it throws your player across the screen

you should add a giant zombie that looks like hulk but with 2 heads