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Barricade yourself in a room against the zombie apocalypse, pick up new weapons and gib your opponents into pieces, all without any need to register an account. You can simply hop on a server and start playing online.

More game modes, features and improvements will be coming as I am actively building the game.

Feel free to leave a comment on suggestions for improvements and more things you would like to see!


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Hello, very interesting concept of the game. I've got couple of questions. Can you tell me how long did it take you to make this? Especially the mechanics of the game for single person itself i am reaseraching making a game but i am not sure it's something I am willing to invest my time into. Your input will be much appreciated.

This demo was a couple of months work. Just by myself.

Expanding it into what it's turning into that you can see on the Discord channel has been a process of over 2 years.


Many thanks for your response. I wish you all the best

please make a tutorial


how do you buy things? i get that you press b but what after? Im very stuck on this because every time i'm doing good i run out of ammo or i have 60 arrows but no bow or machine gun no ammo. If i get a response it will be very appreciated.

You click on the item you want to buy. It should go into your inventory.

I'm currently working on a new version of the game which will be a massive improvement, go check the discord for updates:

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thanks the shop still isnt working but ill be waiting for the update

you should message me i could help put some noises behind the game to make it sound a bit better even some voices

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Can't play, just read help and WASD to move camera without players or interaction... win 7, latest chrome. Tried and standalone link.

Scoreboard show server name like null:...address


Sorry, this is fixed now. The server stopped working.

did the servers stopped working? because I'm beign disconnected when i enter the game

Yes, there are some bugs that cause the server to crash.

I'm working on fixing this...

The server should restart automatically eventually if it stops working.

Oh nice, that's a cool idea. There actually is a big zombie enemy, but it doesn't show up until wave 3 or something. But I'll make it knock you back further.

and it throws your player across the screen

you should add a giant zombie that looks like hulk but with 2 heads